MVP Software Question

Hi fellow nerdfarmers. I have been working on building the MVP Food Computer for the last few months. I am working on the software side of things and have run into a bit of trouble and was looking for some help.

I am at the part where I am trying to unzip the NOOBS file using 9zip but have run into some difficulties. After downloading NOOBS I am trying to extract it using 9zip but I keep getting an error message saying “An undetermined error occurred. Detail: AggregateException_ctor_DefaultMessage (Could not find Zip file Directory at the end of file. File may be corrupted.)”

I have tried redownloading NOOBS and saving it in another place but I keep getting this same message. If anyone has any insights I would greatly appreciate them.Thanks!

Actually, forget NOOBS and use the Raspbian image. You don’t unzip it, but use Etcher to extract it and load it onto your SD card.
Follow the instructions on the web page and you should be good.

Thank you for the suggestion! I will try that out!

So I think that worked but I am still very confused about where I go from here. Do I still need to install rasbian stretch? And how would I go about doing that without getting noobs to work? This whole software section has me extremely confused. Thank you, your help so far has been greatly appreciated.

If you followed the Raspbian image instructions, you should have a working operating system for your Raspberry; other than setting the environmental variables (language, etc), there is nothing else to do with the operating system.
What remains is to follow the instructions to load the MVP code.