My dilemma with building food computer


Hi I am from India, though I am currently living in the United States my plan is to go back home, as I was browsing for projects that I could go back and start in India, I stumbled upon OPENAG, it really piqued my interest, growing crops irrespective of the climate or the soil that you are given is very appealing, so I started researching more on OPENAG, and I got inspired with the ted video of Caleb Harper. Coming to the point for the reason I am thinking to build the food computer is, knowledge that I could gain so that I could scale it to a food data center in India, I think everyone knows that India has a huge population (1.3 Billion) and the amount of agricultural land they have was sufficient in the past, but with growing population I don’t think it would be a fair match between population and land, so I thought may be food data centers are the way to go, I have no idea whether that’s the case or not, I don’t know if it would be economically viable to build and run a food data center if it follows the same trend as the food computer, but I am still researching and hopefully your comments could help me understand more. Please forgive me if someone had the same question in a different way, I could not find any post as such.


here is a good resource I found on controlled environment growing from Cornell University

Some problems you might run into:
Microgreens are the staple plant and might be the staple of your data center until the foodsharing community develops standards for other plants that are scalable. A bad batch in a food data center would be expensive because of operating costs.

Energy. Running the lights for all the plants hits the power bill. Something to consider when choosing your location, what the local power market is.

I hope this helps!