My small on the wall aero system first experiment

The only available space in house - on the wall.
Three weeks into aero growing experiment, kale - variety which can be harvested at any time.
Three grey hypro nozzles and JG speedfit from Atom’s advice.
Not very happy with the nozzles as they are not anti-drip, can’t find ADF in the UK.
At the moment is pump driven system with Logo as a timer, no space for pressure vessel on the wall.
I welcome any constructive suggestions and criticism.
Thank you.

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This is the pump working for 1.2 sec. every 6min during the day and every 11min. after 8pm.

That’s really interesting. I’m curious about how you got the idea to use the Siemens Logo! controller and what your experience with it has been like.

For other people who are curious to learn more about the Logo! controller, here’s the link I found:

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I bought this Logo for £60 brand new from Ebay and learned to programme it from a couple of Youtube videos
, I don’t have any programming skills. It has many functions, easy to connect to the PC with ethernet cable and can be controlled via webpage.The current program was set up for about 1min.
and is very easy to change parameters from the display. Have no mach clue abut Raspberry or Arduino yet but learning.

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Timer setting 1.2 seconds, overall mist time 4.57seconds from 0psi - 10bar- 0psi. Im surprised you couldnt find AFDs in the uk because i`m also in the uk :wink:


Hi Atom, please let me know if you know any other brand of nozzles with anti-drip,
I have found Spraying Systems models like this /one on the photo / to work well but mine are very
high capacity and can’t use them. I have size 26 and 8 and I need size 0.6 or 1 to work well and
I believe they have anti- drip.
Your contribution to the forum is very valuable for many people. Thank you!

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Hi. @Aeromania I work with AFD and AF , the best nozzles for HPA. I can recommend for your setup another great nozzles that fit for your requirements. I worked with DIG 0.8 GPH

they are great and designed for antidrip. An also you will find all the values for aeroponics design: cover, flow rate and droplet size with this nozzle. Finally there are few great China nozzles that you can find in alibaba. Chinesse people are great for customer service and have different qualities and prices for you. I recommend you to search “superfine misting nozzles”
Erik Meller
Latido Verde

@wsnook for the link and the application. I understand that Logo it’s an easy programming automated module with a web service for monitoring. I have a few questions:
I know that works great for switching. How many ports/pumps could switch at the same time?
It’s only a monitoring tool or could use it like controller to?
For other mesaurements. It’s possible to connect sensors like Temp/Hum, Ultrasonic sensor for distance and Light measurement?
If you have more info. I will appreciate
Erik Meller
Latido Verde

Hi Erme, thank you for your advice.
the Logo has 4 Outputs which means you can connect 4 pumps with different
timings or if you use contractor you can control more only with one output/port but with the same timing. More inputs and outputs can be connected to this body.
You can call it monitoring, controller, smart relay is just the most basic of controller of the Siemens line of PLC.
There are 8 inputs from which 4 are analog for sensors.
Bear in mind that I’m not a pro in this staff, just have basic knowledge.

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