Mystery Liquids!



Eric here from the Museum of Science. we recently received a PFC. I had a question about materials sent. There are two large bottle with blank white labels that were supplied and we were wondering the contents. I have assumed so far one is nutrient and the other is pH, however, per regulations as a chemical laboratory we have to supply a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with the current Globally Harmonized System (GHS) format. If you are aware of the exact chemical in these bottles or have the SDS for them that would be extremely helpful!

Thanks Much!


@eknelson I would be very interested to see what your intentions are for an exhibit on the PFC. I am working with the Science Center here in STL to place a V2 as well.

I would assume that they are PH Up, and PH Down. If they are supplied by General Hydroponics which I assume they are here is where you can access all the SDS sheets, and here are the ones for PH:

PH Down

When we received our kit there was just two bottles of General Hydroponics nutrient and no PH. We also did receive a full set of calibration chemicals for both PH/EC from Atlas Scientific. If they have changed the kits may be entirely wrong about what you have, perhaps post a picture of the bottles? Did you get yours from Fenome?


Hi @eknelson! If they are in clear bottles and the liquids are blue and orange then they are pH Up (blue) and pH Down (orange) both from General Hydroponics. If they are white bottles then they are the nutrients FloraDuo A and B. You can find links to the SDS sheets below:

FloraDuo A
FloraDuo B

Let us know if that works!