Need help picking up the right aeroponics equipment



I just finished building my new grow room

and I want to build an aeroponics drain to waist system with accumulator tank/s. The room is 8’x10’ with a 6’x8’ dedicated grow space. I’m planning to grow lettuce, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes in 27 gallon home depot containers:

Looking around I’ve found a design that I like, except that I want to do a drain to waist.

I want to run the system at 80 or 100 psi.

I would appreciate some advice about the right equipment in terms of RO pump, Accumulator tank, pressure shutoff switch, solenoid valve, timer, nozzles, nozzle fittings and Adjustable Pressure release valve.

Nozzles: I’m thinking of using the AFD Nozzles that @Atom recommended.
Solenoid: DVP-2DC3F-120A.
Pressure gauge: Amazon link.
Pressure shutoff switch: It might not be required if the pump has a build in pressure shut-off. In that case I might just go with a pressure suppressor to 80 or 100psi installed to the line itself.
Nozzle fittings: TBD.
RO Pump: TBD.
Accumulator tank/s: TBD.
Timer: TBD.
Adjustable Pressure release valve: TBD.
Pump Filter: TBD.