Need help, Rasberry Pi


Hello all. I’m a volunteer with the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. We are building two PFC’s for a local high school. I’m an electrical mechanical engineer and have experience with arduino but not Pi. We had someone familiar with Pi set everything up and PFC was working. Now, I get nothing on the monitor and since I only have access to the PFC one day a week for an hour I’m not even sure it’s controlling temperature or cycling the lights. How do I troubleshoot this? I also can get a small screen that hooks direct to the board via a ribbon cable. Thanks!


Which version of the food computer did you build?


We built the $300 PFC MVP. And what is the best online rasberry Pi community?

We figured it out. The SD Card was left out of the Pi and since it’s in the bottom I couldn’t see it was not installed.


If you want to access your MVP without having to have monitor attached all the time, take a look at VNC, it is a program that gives you remote screen access from another Raspberry or a Windows system. I have one Raspberry Pi ‘server’ (with a monitor and keyboard) and use it to access all my other Raspberries. The only issue with it is that you need the IP address for the Raspberry. It comes built on the Raspberry OS that the MVP uses.


Thank you for that handy tip webbhm!