Need help to start this farming


Hello everyone,

I am Rajhans from India and I recently came to know about this open agriculture project.
I am very fascinated by this idea and I would like to know that if I want to do this on large scale like, if I want to set this farm on my 1 acre land how much will it cost?
I have a land of 11 acres and I would like to execute this on trial basis. Can anyone give me advice regarding this?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.




saludos, yo soy un medico veterinario zootecnista en Nicaragua, que tipo de cultivo piensas utilizar, yo estoy llevando una investigación sobre forraje hidroponico para reducción de costo en la alimentación de cabras en producción de leche y carne.


english please :slight_smile:


google translate :joy:


Hello @rajpradnya I’m also a beginner , but if you are wondering to start I really advise you to start in small scale to have a close feeling regarding the challenges you would face during the set up process. After you got used to with the system and the problems that you may face in a larger scale you would try a to build a food server (please check the session regarding food servers and food data centers) and try place a container as an encloser at your farm. Good look


Thank you for advice.
I am making my own food computer with the help of Raspberry Pi.
Can you please give me link to video regarding Food servers and Food data centers?