Need more information about Nutrient Solution


I am fairly new to this technology, So I have a question.
I am planning to grown brinjal in my food computer, what nutrients should I use for this ?


Rajhans Kshirsagar


Wikipedia tells me that brinjal is a variety of what we call eggplant in the US. I haven’t heard of anybody here on the forum trying to grow eggplants. But, when I google “hydroponic nutrients for eggplant”, there are thousands of results. I’d recommend that you start by reading some of that stuff.

Also, you should be aware that the existing PFC v1.0, v2.0, and v2.1 designs…

  1. were designed for growing leafy greens that have relatively low space and light requirements compared to fruiting vines.

  2. and they are no longer supported by MIT (see Update from OpenAg - Please Read)

If you want to grow brinjal hydroponically, I’d recommend that you look for information about using hydroponics outdoors or in a greenhouse. Compared to using sunlight, running bright artificial lights for several months to grow one little vine probably wouldn’t be cost effective.