Nerd Farmers in San Francisco, Boston/Cambridge & Spain for a video-story


Hi all!

My name is Zuberoa, I am a science journalist and I am producing a video-story about the OpenAg community. I would like to interview 2-3 Nerd Farmers eager to share their stories building the food computers. The story will be published in the online edition of EL PAIS, a Spanish-language media outlet that reaches all Latin America, the Hispanics in the US and Spain. I live in San Francisco and visit often Boston/Cambridge. I would like to find Nerd Farmers in these cities as well as in Spain because our HQ-s are in Madrid. If any interested let me know and I will be happy to share more details. You can contact me replaying to this topic or sending an email to

Thanks so much!


Check out these guys: the founder is very active on the forums.


Thank you!!! I will!!