#nerdfarm in NYC this summer with a PFCv2.0!


Hello #NerdFarmers!

I wanted to offer up a very cool and unique opportunity for anyone in NYC area. The team from @ZahnAgtech has finished using our PFC v2 (and won the Social Impact award for the Zahn Innovation Competition in the process!!), and are looking for some bright and motivated people to continue using and researching with the device.

We are no longer operating with the device, and have moved it onto display at Brooklyn’s Agtech-X Incubator, and are calling on the community to see if anyone wants to use the device as part of a “residency” or “internship” for the summer. It can be as little of a commitment as a few hours a week!

The device is in excellent shape, however does need some love, and some software background is absolutely necessary to be able to work with the software.

If you or anyone else may be interested in working with the device, please reply here or email me at Dan@Techbrainstorm.com with a quick proposal of what you would like to research and learn and we will pick a team to get working on the device!

As an aside… I hope this works out as a method for continuing the community development that @Webb.Peter has started working on. However, if anyone has any other suggestions about how to continue to build the community, or give new life to the device, I am all ears!


@TechBrainstorm - Congratulations on the Social Impact Award! Thank you for your post. We hope you find some #nerdfarmers to continue your good work!


Dear @TechBrainstorm and @ZahnAgtech team,

Congrats on your award! I am a anthropologist researching vertical farm startups. I was just about to contact the people I know at AgTech X when I saw this post. I haven’t yet joined a Food Computer team, and this would be a great opportunity to learn more and help out, if there’s someone in NYC who can help teach me. I live in Brooklyn. My email is wmarschall@fas.harvard.edu. Please get in touch if you would like a relative newbie #nerdfarmer to help with your project at AgTech X. Either way, good luck keeping it going!


@openag Hey guys, we are about to get going on this project, and would love to chat with you guys about our goals and path. Can we take this convo offline and set some time up?

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