New Food Computer Wiki!


We’ve got nerdfarmers in every continent, and we’ve already seen a breathtaking number of Food Computer mods, PCB designs, new cooling schemes, wiring shields, wild custom designs, and more.

I thought it would be great to have a place to pool our efforts. Lo!

We can use it to post documentation, schematics and instructions, lessons learned, and FAQ. I’m hard at work stubbing out the pages for Food Computer and Food Computer 2.0.

Are you building a Food Computer? Designing a new cooling scheme? Created a PCB? Maybe you’ve modded your Food Computer to hatch oysters, or are building something completely custom? Add a page! All are welcome. It would be awesome if we had a wiki page for every Food Computer, PCB, actuator, sensor, and mod for future farmers to build and improve upon.


I know @adrianlu, @MrGadget, @Rckco, @ahai are all building awesome open source hardware. Is there anyone else I’m missing?


thanks for the notification!


@gordonb: Tried to add some info to the wiki. But I’m not allowed to edit stuff :sweat_smile:


@MrGadget Had to temporarily lock it down because of a spam attack :/. Sorry about that. Added “MrGadget” to the list of editors. Will unlock general editing next week.


Seems that spam attack goes on


@serein Ugh, fixed Thanks for spotting this!

I think we may be seeing an attack from malware targeted to MoinMoin. We’ve got a bunch of anti-spam knobs and dials flipped, but some spam still gets through. I’m thinking about porting to another wiki system, maybe Etherpad. Any opinions/experience here?


How about using Digital Ocean’s one-click server with Mediawiki pre-installed?


It’s a good idea. I expect it will have a lot of the same problems as MoinMoin (they seem to have similar anti-spam measures built in). Looking into it.


Hey @gordonb,

What’s the status of the wiki? I was just on there and it looks like it’s still a victim of hackers :frowning:

I’d love to start helping organize some pages.


I keep cleaning it up, but unfortunately the spammers keep finding a way to get around the controls :(. I’m going to experiment with MediaWiki to see if it has better anti-spam controls. In the mean time, if you want to add a page, go for it. I’ll make sure all the content gets migrated to the new system.


It’s unfortunate that so much spam gets through!


I’m wondering if it might make more sense to generate the wiki from a GitHub repository full of Markdown files. That would definitely solve the spam problem.


@gordonb, JFYI FarmBot guys are switching to DokuWiki

Say Hello to the New FarmBot Wiki

For a long time now we’ve been using the popular MediaWiki software to power the FarmBot wiki. However, with experience we’ve found that software difficult to use, difficult to maintain, and extremely susceptible to vandalism.

So today we’re announcing that we’ve switched over to the DokuWiki platform for the FarmBot Project Wiki. This platform is very easy to use and meets all of our wiki needs. …


@serein I saw that too! Sounds like they had trouble with spam on MediaWiki (glad they mentioned it, because I was going to try it). Could give it a go.

The other option could be to use the Wiki on openag_brain for everything. This isn’t perfect, but the benefit is that we know it works, and contributors already have a GitHub account.

As a contributor, do you have any preferences one way or the other?


I’m fine with Github, but I guess those outside software engineering field would prefer Wiki.

Also, I guess multilanguage support would be better on Wiki and I recall someone already was willing to help with Spanish translation.


@serein Cool, I’ve reached out to Rory’s team at Farmbot to ask how DokuWiki is working out for them. Meanwhile, I’m going to try setting up DokuWiki on a staging server somewhere.


The #DIYBIO community i think uses the OpenWetWare Wiki which i guess is powered by MediaWiki. I don’t know how much spam get through, but you might ask them. They have a decent setup and they even have a few nice features like your own online lab notebook to record your experiments and stuff.

As someone who is a Linux user and has compiled a program or two, but is not a programmer or a coder i do have a github account, but i’m not exactly sure how to upload to it necessarily. Though i can tinker around and figure things out if need be. But i’d say for the general community a wiki is probably a more friendly way to go. I guess the RepRap wiki is also powered by mediawiki. And i agree a platform that is language neutral and or language friendly is more appealing to the worldwide community.


The New wiki site is now live with lots more documentation

For example, check out the new docs on the FC 2.0! Your contributions and feedback are welcome. Sign up for an account and help improve the docs!


Hey @gordonb - I signed up for an account on the wiki in order to help improve the documentation, but I never got the confirmation/password email. When trying to reset my password via the login page I get an error saying:

Looks like there was an error on sending the password mail. Please contact the admin!

Perhaps my email got marked as spam, but could someone on your end help me out? My username in the wiki is david

Thanks a lot, and eager to start contributing!