New PC Build Motherboard question


I build computers a lot for friends and now family. I came across a fairly cheap motherboard “Asus AM3+ AMD 990FX”. I did some surfing and according to, this is a gaming motherboard with an ROG Connect. First of all, I would like for someone to answer the question can this take a Intel Core i5? The description says the motherboard supports Windows 8. Will it support Windows 10? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Fredia! You might want to try a Consumer Electronics forum for that. Here at the OpenAg forum, we know most about Food Computers, which are small greenhouses that use computers (like Raspberry Pis and Arduinos) to control the environment and grow food in specialized ways. I happen to be a fan of LinusTechTips, so I hope you find what you need there! :slight_smile: