New Resources! Contributing to OpenAg


Hello community, my name is Rob Baynes and I’m then newest full-time member of the MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative. I’m a software engineer and I’ll be helping with all things software here at the lab.

We have added some new Wiki pages to help the community connect with us at the lab, and more actively contribute to the OpenAg project and co-develop alongside the Open Agriculture Initiative team at the MIT Media Lab. The purpose of these new contribution resources is to create a better open source project structure, so anyone working on the OpenAg project can collaborate using the same rules.

The pages go through some project management and communication protocols that are based on my software development perspective, but apply to the overall development of the Personal Food Computer (and eventually the Food Server and Food Data Center).

We have also made some structural changes to our GitHub organization. The “Core” GitHub team (currently myself, Jake Rye and Rikuo Hasegawa) are responsible for the overall direction of the project. The “Committers” GitHub team is responsible for reviewing and merging pull requests. The Project Management page has the details.

Take a look at the Contributing to OpenAg page for a thorough run-down, and here’s the updated pages:

I’m looking forward working with you all!

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