New update on my build diary


I am still have trouble with a few of my sensors… actively debugging those now will post findings next once I root them out.


What sensors are giving you trouble? DHT22?

I found with the DHT22 that doing the following helps in getting good and steady values:

  1. Wiring => 10k resistor between Vcc and data line (try to twist the wires, connected to the sensor)

  2. Initialization => I found that during initial readings, the sensor tends to do some weird stuff. I do 2-3 readings (in a loop) without using the resulting values during.

  3. Timing => Reading the sensors to frequently gave me horrible results. Reading every 2 seconds works like a charm.

Hope it helps!


Right now its the Light sensor. Works fine on my arduino uno. I ordered another unit which operates on 5v instead of the 3.3v rail.