Noob trying to build PFC 2, Raspberry PI 2 troubles


I’ve been trying to install openag_brain the developer version on Raspberry PI 2 Model B for a while now, but I keep getting errors (a multitude and I’ve tried in many, many ways so far). The OS I installed was Debian Jessie (not the lite version), but I’m wondering whether openag_brain is supposed to be working on Raspberry PI 2 or should I just buy the 3?

The SD Card is 32 GB as suggested.


I believe the software is intended for Pi 3.


Yes, most folks including me are installing on the PI 3 Model B. Do have access to one?


Thank you for your response. Yes, I’ve already ordered one and I’ll be trying again. I just sort of assumed it would also have to work on Raspberry PI 2, but hey… you live, you learn. :slight_smile: