Nozzle Afd series

Hi Atom,

Im Paul from Michigan and am building my own HPA system. I have ordered the AFD nozzles and was called and told the lead time is up to 45 days to get them. Can you please direct me where you got them?

Hi pdavis1434,

Have you received AFD nozzles?

At it was told me that Pentair discontinued this model. But on the official website, they still exist.

Thus información it’s correct.But actually you can try with Dultmeier sales distributor. They have the AFD and the AF nozzles. Another option is to contact the Pentair office team and they provide a full list of their nozzle distributor :wink:

Ohh another important thing. Dultmeier have strict policies and the only sell business to business. But actually you can buy via online and just fill the process with business data. I recommend you for Dultmeier to buy a minimum of 20 nozzles.

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Hii! Everyone. Recently I talked with Hypro team, because I want to buy CREAM AFD nozzles. But I was surprised by a bad news… Hypro AFD and AF are out of catalog!!! I don’t know why? But it’s bad… So. I ask for your advice to extend the search for new super nozzles like AF and AFD. I will wait for it.
Thanks for all!
Erik Meller
President at Latido Verde