NYC! MIT OpenAg is looking for #nerdfarmers to help with new PFC v3.0 installation

hello NYC-area nerdfarmers!

MIT OpenAg is excited to have been selected to be part of the Cooper Hewitt museum’s 2019 Design Triennial…and we want to make you a part of it.

We’re building an installation of the brand new PFC v3.0, and want to involve our community. We’re looking for nerdfarmers with experience in hydroponics, horticulture, and familiarity with our open source platform to help the Cooper Hewitt team keep the PFCs glowing and growing.

This is your chance to get up and personal with the latest PFC, and experience this wonderful Cooper Hewitt design exhibition.

If interested and available on a regular basis (~1x/month until January), ping me here and we’ll connect.

high fives,


I’m interested but I live in California. Any exception to living outside NYC?

nope, sorry - we need NYC locals. thanks for your interest!

I am interested in the opportunity and believe I meet all the requirements. Please let me know what the next steps should be.


I am interested in helping. Can you give more details on how I can help out?


hi @JakeP, will PM you. thanks!

Hi “h”,
I’m an EE living in NJ 1 hour South of NYC and would love to learn more about your plans, and whether I could help in some way.