OMK2 - a truly fully autonomous hydro/aeroponics controller/system

Hi, my name is Yousef, I’m the founder of ONAXYZ, and OMK2 is my innovation!

OMK2 is an automation system I put together to feature:

  • Autonomous and precise pH control (using stepper motor driven peristaltic pumps)
  • Autonomous and precise nutrient dosing (using stepper motor driven peristaltic pumps)
  • Autonomous temperature and humidity monitoring and regulation
  • Automatic light emission cycle
  • Automatic watering/misting
  • Autonomous CO2 monitoring and dosing
  • Autonomous water level monitoring, flush, top off, and refill
  • Remote monitoring and control

Video: pH and nutrient dose calculator
Video: Nutrient dosing using stepper motor peristaltic pumps


  • [master] One Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running NodeRED + Dashboard
  • [slaves] Several NodeMCU Lua’s (for sensors and control of peripherals)
  • Kamoer stepper motor peristaltic pumps paired with TB6600 drivers
  • HomeLab pH meter
  • DFRobot EC meter

The GUI is hosted on a local WiFi network and all devices use to communicate with each other.

*OMK2 is a work in progress and some of the mentioned features are still in development. Namely the autonomous CO2 monitoring and dosing, autonomous temperature and humidity regulation, autonomous water level monitoring + flush + refill, remote monitoring and control.


Very cool Yousef. Are the code or the schematics available? I’d like to take a closer look at it.


This is actually the exact system I was about to build for my aero project. I figured it out to about as far you before hitting a roadblock integrating it in an aero system. How does your system integrate the nutrients into solution?

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Automation should ideally include some way of getting feedback from the plants :wink:


What I’ve presented is just a demonstration of OMK2’s ability to accurately dose nutrients. Normally, the tubes dose directly into the water and not into graduated cylinders.

Code has not been shared publicly yet. Got a few more tests to run before public release!

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WOW, that looks terrific, and just what I want to build! I’m an EE living in NJ about 1 hour South of NYC, and would be happy to donate my time to help if that’d be useful for your work. If you’d like to talk about possibilities, let’s meet over coffee or lunch someday that’s best for you. In any case thanks for sharing your very inspiring work!

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Very very nice! Looking forward to the public release!

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