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As promised we are launching this topic to explore what it means to be an Open Agriculture Foundation Chapter. In reference to our medium post :
The foundation is exploring the idea of Open Agriculture Foundation Chapters (inspired and initiated by multiple interested community members) and we will be working to support pilot chapters in 2017.
Interested in forming a chapter? Have ideas of what that should mean? The Foundation will open up a thread on the forum and have more to share on that later.

Please call out if you are interested in forming a chapter, what your current state of development is, what you envision a chapter being and how we could support you

-The Open Agriculture Foundation Team

MVP - Future of Process


Hi OpenAg Foundation,

First off, congratulations on the formation of the nonprofit and its subsidiary!

I am a college student studying Urban Planning and Interaction Design, and I believe that the foundation team is doing a brilliant job in its efforts to champion the future generation of #nerdfarmers

Over the past few years as a professional and student, I have assembled a (small, but growing) network of established community leaders and professionals with education, finance, and nonprofit experience.

We are currently developing our advisory board and strategic plan, but we have already secured two schools as pilot sites (LAUSD, SMMUSD).

The Open Agriculture Foundation can help support our team through fiscal sponsorship and mentorship. Additionally, we plan to fundraise and host events (i.e. exhibits, seminars, competitions) that will further OpenAg research and affirm the values of urban farming, sustainable design, and community.

I think it would be a good idea for chapters to offer membership options that can include the following benefits:

Access to events
Partnership, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities
Education, training, and certification programs

Together, I would like the opportunity to establish the Los Angeles Chapter for the OpenAg Foundation.



Meetup locations

Hello, nerdfarmers!

Here in St. Louis we have taken a stab at outlining what the “Rights, Roles, Responsibilities” of an OpenAg Chapter could be. I’d like to open up this document for others to comment on so that this can be built by the community.

Here is a link to the document on Google Drive

@24Karrots The work you are doing is great! Keep it up, I have reached out to a few of my friends in LA interested in this as well who may be interested in working with you.

Meetings in Zurich, Switzerland

Hi, we are looking to open a chapter in West Palm Beach, FL :slight_smile:


While I’m not able to commit to creating and running a chapter, I would love to contribute. If anybody else in central Texas (Austin here) would like to organize, please reach out to me.

In fact, if anybody needs operational help or needs ideas on outreach, feel free to contact me.


Hi OpenAg Team!

I would love your support in establishing an OpenAg Foundation chapter in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m currently piloting a biotechnology course with the curriculum centered around the Food Computers, urban agriculture, and sustainable food systems at a local charter school, and I’m working with the Baltimore City Health Department to expand the class to other schools and after-school programs in the city.

We believe that courses centered around the Food Computer align perfectly with Baltimore City’s initiatives to improve food systems (a study recently revealed that 1 in 4 Baltimore residents live in a food desert) and to improve STEM/STEAM education. We ultimately want to use metrics from these courses to improve education and food-related policy at the local and state level.

We’d appreciate any support and guidance in getting a chapter started (i.e. funding opportunities advice, policy experience related to OpenAg, connections to other schools developing curriculum).

Please let me know what additional information you might need!


Tips for starting a group, new wiki page

Hey everyone!

I met Peter Webb at Aglanta and he talked about starting a chapter…thought that was a great idea and I wanted to see if anyone in Charleston, SC would be interested in starting one as well. We have several schools and farms in the area we could potentially partner with. And the local food movement here is quite popular.



Hi All,

We can host a chapter for enthusiasts in Southeast Asia as we are based in Malaysia. Anyone from the region do say hi so we can connect.


Hello Anthony,

I’m based in LA as well along with have connections to LAUSD, Los Angeles Food Policy Council, and being apart of the tech incubator Bixel Exchange located at the LA Area Chamber of Commerce.

I look forward to learning more about you & your network!

  • Christian C


@andy is also in LA building container farm and working with high-pressure aeroponics/MVP.

@Chris.Predawn are you familiar with Square Roots? When I was last there I got a tour and actually met with @24Karrots - I’ll give him a few days to reply and if not send him a text.

What about OpenAg interests you?



Very interesting, I’m working on a hydroponic tower to be used in container farms primarily but outdoors as well.

I was a Future of Food finalist at Food Day LA in front of City Hall this past Tuesday for my Hydroponic Tower. This is where I met Ron Finley for the first time and after discussing projected numbers that some AgTech companies claim they are producing are real (specifically using shipping containers), Ron emphasized that I reach out to Caleb & the OpenAg team.

Yes, I am familiar with Square Roots & their use of brightagrotech towers (are you based in Ny ?), I have taken a tour of the Local Roots Facility here in LA County, and the setup at USC.

Ok perfect, ty!

I hadn’t known about OpenAg until this week and I’m interested to incorporate non-technical entry level jobs for students just like OpenAg all the while teaching a lifelong skill. Hopefully, overtime enacting as a spring board to supply towers to educators, business, and restaurants.


Oops, I always mess those two up, I meant to say local roots. Great, glad you got a tour as well.

You should make a post regarding your towers (Congrats!). I’m interested to see them. I have a thread on here about shipping container farm companies with some pretty relevant links. It’s definitely an industry to be cautious of (there’s a lot of faulty #'s). You may find links on this thread relevant (especially regarding shipping container farms):


Not to sure but their stacked shelve nft style of growing can be replicated by anyone. I think their lights, system, and app are the only ones built in-house.

Ty! Of course this was done DIY over a year ago & I’m going to around Ktwon to add different designs/ refine them.

I’m definitely going to check that out!


Hi Melanie,

My name is Sebastian Ruiz, I am a student at the Maryland institute college of art building a modified food computer as part of my thesis and its in its final stages . I’ve been working on this for almost a year now with my collaborator Gage Branda a MICA '16 alum. We are more than happy to connect soon.


Hi Sebastian! That’s awesome! We’ve been building Foam Farm and MVP versions of the Food Computers at Green Street Academy and Gywnns Falls Elementary for the past 4 semesters, and I recently presented about it at SXSW EDU ( Would love to hear more about what you guys are doing and how we can work together!


I am Kam, from KL, Malaysia.
Like to connect with you about building the similar system.
Best regards.


What is the status of this effort?

@Bkirkland I am also in the Austin area, are you still active in this?