Open Source Nutrient Calculator + Blog


I found an open source nutrient calculator: HydroBuddy

Blog from the developer, Dr. Daniel Fernandez, dating back to 2009:

I’m just diving into the archive, but already I’m blown away by how legitimate and well researched his posts are. Wanted to share this out and spark discussions on all things nutrient related.

What questions do you have regarding hydroponic nutrients in theory and in practice?

What sources of organic nutrients or unrefined minerals do you find to be worthy of further investigation for use in indoor ag? Have you experimented with any?

Please share your experience managing your hydroponic nutrient solutions.

Getting Recipe Data - the Old Fashioned Way

Thanks for starting this conversation, very important!

Some great discussion recently by @Atom & @Jlniemi regarding nutrient formula’s they’ve used for High-Pressure Aeroponics. Building aeroponic system and full automation

Good summary on mixing your own nutrients for hydroponic greenhouse vegetables, I’m fairly certain this is targeted at Tomatoes. This is a good read for anyone unfamiliar with the importance of the nutrient solution:

Good read on how to mix your own hydroponic nutrients and do calculations:

GREAT paper on nutrient solutions for hydroponic systems:

Last, but certainly not least is this paper by Cornell. It outlines Jacks and compares to recommendations from University of Arizona for leafy greens, as well as requirements for several other crops:

MVP - ppm levels and ph of water

@wsnook I know you mentioned trying to convert existing information (seed packs, etc) into meaningful data.

I think there is certainly an opportunity to try and dig through the B.S. in the commercial hydroponic nutrient industry to find the legitimate “best recipes” that are commercially available.

I would also suggest anyone seriously interested in hydroponic nutrients watch this lecture:


@Webb.Peter So far, I’ve watched a couple of Dr. Kubota’s lectures from your link in another thread. Good stuff.

I feel like a lot of the discussion on this forum would benefit from more people studying the science of what’s already known about how plants work and about how hydroponics works. People could perhaps hold off on shopping for parts and building stuff–instead reading, listening, and studying–and come out way ahead of where they might otherwise end up. Building stuff before you know what to build just makes you poor.


Wikipedia is great. Looks like there’s another one @jimbell:

“Although pre-mixed concentrated nutrient solutions are generally purchased from commercial nutrient manufacturers by hydroponic hobbyists and small commercial growers, several tools exist to help anyone prepare their own solutions without extensive knowledge about chemistry. The free and open source tools HydroBuddy[37] and HydroCal[38] have been created by professional chemists to help any hydroponics grower prepare their own nutrient solutions. The first program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux while the second one can be used through a simple JavaScript interface. Both programs allow for basic nutrient solution preparation although HydroBuddy provides added functionality to use and save custom substances, save formulations and predict electrical conductivity values.”