OpenAg Basil Test Grow


Hi all!

@rbaynes and @spaghet have been busy in the lab working on a new basil test grow. If you’re interested in taking a look, check us out on the wiki -

This basil grow is also serving as a test for the PFC v2.1. Please look forward to a post about this release once the test is complete.



Thanks for the update!

Noticed some green foam around the edge of raft, wiped off most of it. Cleaned everything with bleach and filled water tub with the nutrient mix.

Any light that reaches the water in a reservoir promotes the growth of algae/bacteria in the reservoir which will cause root rot eventually. On our V2 kits, there was about 1/2" size difference between the foam raft and the reservoir which allowed light to pass and after awhile causes problems. Maybe that was just our build, but having a slightly wider raft may fix your green foam! We may also want to consider switching the BOM to an entirely opaque reservoir as well if this continues to be a problem.

Edit: Just saw this, looks like ya’ll fixed it :grinning::

Made light shroud to attempt to reduce algae growth. See today’s picture.