OpenAg Helper PCB


@Rckco mentioned here that plant3 has made their helper PCB available. (Image at link, I didn’t want to derail that topic)

I’m just starting to try to get the pieces together for a build for myself, and having no experience I wanted to clarify what this board is. As I understand it, this part comes into play in “8. Arduino Mega Protoshield Module”, correct? As it stands, I’ve had a hard time sourcing both the Arduino Mega Protoshield and the Grove Base Shield, as listed on the BOM, so this sounds like an absolute slam dunk. In addition to that, I wouldn’t have to solder the whole debacle myself?


@toby the Helper pcb will replace the DC relay used for the fans, Proto shield, and Base shield. The most difficult part of the assembly is soldering the proto shield.


Well that’s just awesome! A day or two later and I would have wasted that money.

Just as a heads up, I filled in the details to calculate shipping:

Looks like a bunch of debug messages? I filled in “United States”, “New York” and “13669-2208”.


@toby opps. usps shipping debugging was left one. it should still work