OpenAg in Panama!


Hi, I´m Igor Gonzalez working from Fablab EcoStudio in Panama. We obtained a small fund for the contruction of a PFC 2.1 instance, which would be the first one in the Panama! Panama is a country which imports most produce and farmers are lacking competitiveness to the international market we have not seen much investment in technological alternatives to solve this issue. We´re hoping this build serves as a case study to seek awareness of the local government and industry for openAG as a potential technology to invest in.

If there´s anybody in Latin America who´d like to share their experience with OpenAg we´re are very excited to learn from you and collaborate. I will also keep updates as I go along with my build and if we get the attention of any local entity.




While I’m not from Latin America, I can point you to a couple threads here on the forum where people have shared things about the PFC 2.1 that would be useful for you to know about: