OpenAG in South Africa


Hi Everyone!

We are building some prototypes of the food computers in South Africa. We will be aiming to help many of the impoverished people in South Africa with this. Let me know if you are at all interested in helping out on this project in any way. :sunny:




I see from your profile page that you’ve just recently joined the forum. Sometimes people hear about Caleb’s vision for OpenAg, and they get the impression that all his long-term goals have already been accomplished. You might want to read more on the forum to see if your expectations about OpenAg’s progress are accurate.

In particular, if you’re looking for technology that can be of immediate help for farmers to conserve water, extend growing seasons, or increase yields, then building food computers is probably not a good choice. On the other hand, if what you have in mind is just helping farmers to apply ideas from DIY hydroponics and the controlled environment agriculture industry, then there are many helpful resources you could draw on.

Here are some forum threads you might find useful:


I’m not sure how I can contribute your project but I’m interesting in.

I’m also a relatively new member of Openag and tried to make PFC-v2. When I struglled to make it, wsnok gave me information of Openag. As indicated in “Update from OpenAg”, they change thier direction of their activities and the design of PFC-v2 seems stop its progress. Therefore I moved to make MVP-II
and recently have finished the 1st experiment succesfully with it.
Through my first experiment, there are lot of things to consider how to upgrade it step by step for practical usage.
You said “building some prototypes-(pl)” and it game me an impression you are going to make different PFCs apart from PFC-v2. If it so, it is very interesting for me to understand how different and the design concept. Since, for practical usage, we have to consider the steps from seeding to cultivating where I study now. Please let me know if you dont mind.