OpenAG in South Korea


Dear NerdFarmer-

Above image is recent our PFC architecture diagram. I use both sides include On-premises and AWS Cloud.
I summarized some service used in PFC.

It is a key function to apply the IoT feature in PFC. AWS IoT supports the MQTT protocol and the SDK. I use the AWS IoT Device SDK for Python( I have to generate the “Thing” on the AWS IoT Platform and install the x.509 certificate in PFC. It is the default policy of the AWS IoT, MQTT message broker on the AWS IoT would deny If the anonymous thing would connect to the broker. In other benefit is the security is strongly maintained by the default policy of the AWS IoT. If I would stop the support the service specific PFC, I achieve this goal through deleting the “Thing” on the AWS IoT platform.

Shadow DEVICE is the best feature When I consider how to maintain the state of individual PFC even PFC is the disconnection in the network or other reason(Signal has gone).
I divide the following process to synchronization and recovery the state of the PFC.
Full Synchronization(Get all state in the AWS IoT Shadow Thing) Regulary execute on the Raspberry PI.
Update Desired State of the PFC(Change the state of the PFC, Usually executed by the Lambda with the CloudWatch).
Upload the partially the state( Recent Sensor Data | Recent PFC real State) Execute on the Raspberry PI with time interval.

RuleEngine is one of the important services to operates the PFC remotely and automatically. I set the rule in the Rule-engine Service with “Rule Query Statement”. I prefer the “Forward Chaining(Similar to the IF… THEN… clause)”. “RUle Query Statement” is an easy and intuitional query.

AWS CLI(Command Line Interface) is easy to use the SaaS on AWS using the command line. I install this CLI Library on the Raspberry Pi in PFC. You know, I set the IAM and Policy to execute the AWS CLI which only approve the execution AWS S3 Object bucket. I using this function to synchronization of the PFC image to AWS S3 data lake.

Filebeat on the Raspberry Pi throw the sensor data to the Logstash on the remote server(Not AWS, On-Premis server), After parsing on Logstash, this data insert to the ElasticSearch JSON Document and Kibana Import it and visualize.

In AWS Serverless Lambda Function executed by the two type of events. One is the Rule Engine and other is the Cloud Watch. It is simple and useful change the state of the “shadow thing” or execute other services on AWS.

CloudWatch service is more knowns the Monitoring the Log on the AWS service and notification when the condition of the threshold satisfied. Fortunately, CloudWatch support “Event” feature, It is a very similar feature to the Linux Cron event schedule system. I used this feature to wake up the lambda function on time. “Recipe for growing plant” based the CloudWatch + Lambda Function Collarborationship.

This Famous Object Storage system, used archive the image data from the PFC and others such as data from the sensor. In my humble opinion, S3 is the best place to become the Data Lake for PFC. I expect this S3 object lifecycle reduce the cost and use a lot of the other service use the pipeline.

Dynamo DB is the NoSQL database, This feature is not considered use case in PFC, I use this feature only the key-value store base the time series.(I consider use other service or move to the S3)

AWS IoT를 이용한 퍼스널 푸드 컴퓨터 개발사례::한광희::AWS Summit Seoul 2018 from Amazon Web Services Korea

Thank you,
From KwangHee Han.


Dear All,

In recent times, my Boss attends as a speaker on “Korea-Israel Smart Agritech Workshop,
Meet the Korean Delegation at the AGRITECH Israel and explore technology
collaboration opportunities”.

Gyomoon Jin, President of EZFARM( has a presentation with PFC in “2018 Agritech Smart Workshop” in Tel Aviv(Israel). This presentation has a content with PFC introduction and “Climate Recipe”.

We are looking for any chance to introduce PFC project in S.Korea and other countries.

I attached to this post our presentation pictures on last events.

Thank you.


Dear Nerd Farmer,

I’m KgwangHee Han. In S.Korea, We have a meetup every 3 weeks. Last my meetup opened at Seoul IoT Center. Our meetup community is not large, But we are based very different and we continue our meetup during last 5 months.

We are discussed below topic on this meetup.

  • Peltier Cooler’s mechanism & PID(Proprotional / Integral / Derivative) Controller System. ( Two of our community they have a base in the Mechanical Engineering.)

  • “FAB CITY”. We are looking for “PFC” is best project to apply the “FAB CITY” Concept. I linked on this post their whitepaper URL :

  • Almost discussed agenda is “We need the PCB & Artworks to developing further in PFC?”

We make a conclusion relate to “PFC”. From time to time, we are familiar collarborationship between community member. It is not expect to me before!
It’s cool!

From KgwangHee Han.
Thank You!


Can you get more of these bulbs? I’d like to test these on the next iteration of MVP. Using 12DVC rather than 120V will greatly increase the safety of the project. I’d appreciate a link to any datasheets or information you have on these and other LEDs availabile to you.



I attached this URL link : I couldn’t find their datasheet of product. Some specification explained well on their product page. I heard that they are assemble LED from Taiwan.

I integration their product on PFC v2. It growing well until now with Lettuce. But I’m not tried PWM control with this LED.


Dear NerdFarmer,

I’m KgwangHee Han in S.Korea. I wants to share our recent project status. During some months we are collarborates with other team and public institution.

It is awesome to me. I couldn’t expect what we are now. Our S.Korea community offline meetup and collarboration started last year. Finally we can make new PFC model with IKEA version.

Especially Seoul InnovationPark which public institute in Seoul supports my team in now. They has a big FabLab and represent symbol of “FAB CITY” in Seoul.( Seoul joined “FAB CITY” since July).

<Seoul InnovationPark, We are making in here>

<Our recent Personal Food Computer!>

<OpenSeminar in Seoul InnovationPark!>

Attached image above, We are started making a more and more PFC in SeoulInnovationPark( Other recent my team focusing is analysis of Plant images using OpenCV and Jupyter Notebook.

We are experiments with our plant image and how to more precision object and using their contour and features.

I hope that next post, I wants to attach more precision result of our OpenCV : )

Thank you.
From KgwangHee Han.

Where are you building your Food Computer?

Dear #NerdFarmers.

My team integrates opensource “Elastic Stack(ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, Filebeat)”.

This image is screenshot of my ElasticSearch to monitoring PFC. Untill now I monitoring 2 PFC. We would be monitoring and analysis 10~20 PFC November.

I hope that want to share with this community to monitoring and talking about Data from the PFC using this ELK opensource.

I hope this screenshot would helpful to someone want integrate ELK with PFC.

I following this instruction likes.

  1. Throw sensor data(pH,EC,Temp,Humidity, images) to server( I make the RESTful Server using Python Flask)
  2. Every PFC have a Unique ID to identify sensor data.
  3. We are archive all data using .CSV (comma separated) format.
  4. Filbeat monitoring this csv file. If some new recode watched, Filebeat throw data to Logstash.
  5. Logstash watching the port which to get the data from Filebeat, If get new data from Filebeat they parse this raw data and throw the ElasticSearch(engine)
  6. Finally, ElasticSearch and Kibana visualization this data automatically.

Direction is so simple, and if you have plan make more PFC( 5~ ), I want say integration ELK stack is so valuable to check your data and analysis that.
(In addition ELK has a critical feature to visualization/analysis “TimeSeries Data”.)

ELK Ingest Node Video Caputere (Import 290,000 data point from PFC to ELK)

Thank you.
From KgwangHee Han.


Dear NerdFarmers!

I’m KgwangHee Han. I want to share our recent activity and open seminar in here(S.Korea).

2018.10.6. We hold an open seminar to introduce our PFC program which “PFC Citizen Expedition”.

This time is our first time, various people joined our program! We have a plan to introduce and experience PFC with “PFC citizen Expedition”.

At November, Each team would assemble our PFC(DIY KIT) and they would start to grow various plants.

I hope so this experience so worth time to them!



Dear #NerdFarmers!

I want to sharing our recent activity with PFC!

My team open “PFC OpenCV Class”. A number of people have a curiosity how to apply the OpenCV computer vision technology to PFC. I made the curriculum and education program with partners(BioLab & FabLab Seoul).

It is first time to introduction process of “Color Quantization(with K-means Clustering algorithms)”,“Image Morphological Transformations” , “Canny Edge Detector”, "Find Contour and their Momentum"through our PFC images.

I prepared “Jyputer Notebook” program. This Open Seminar(2018.10.12) is success! Even someone who have no any programming or computer science, they can following image process. This “Hans-on” Seminar would helpful to people who wants to start farming and understanding “New Farming(or Nerd Farming)”.


Dear #nerdfarmers,

My team has a program to assemble and introduction PFC with Citizen Community in S.Korea.

We are prepared “4 PFC DIY KIT”, And people who join our program assemble PFC.

After 3 hours to assemble PFC, they can control through their notebook with Arduino IDE!


Link : Presentation slides(Korean Version)!:grinning:
2회차_PFC시민참여단.pdf (2.0 MB)

From KgwangHee Han.

Thanks #nerdfarmers!

2018.11.16 Updates.

One of korea newspaper “Herald”, covered my PFC activity!

Since July, they talk with my team, In addition to they covered “Marsfarm” by Webb Peter too.

  1. NewAg Life Web Site :

  2. Korean PFC introduction youtube .
  1. Korean PFC education interview with citizen

2019.01.03 updates.
Hello #nerdfarmers!
We are test early version of my PCB Boards. Sensor + Actuator + Atmega2560 + Raspberry PI + ESP8266 include in boards.

I hope that in this new year my team makes a lot execting thing in S.Korea!