OpenAg is on the lookout for Educator Testers and Advisors


Are you a middle school educator in the United States that is interested in bringing Food Computing to classrooms? If so, we need your help!

OpenAg is looking for middle schools teachers to advise us on how to best use Food Computers in schools, and to help design and test new Food Computing technologies in the future.

If you would like to join our brilliant group of Food Computing Educators, please post below, and we will message you with more information.


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Count me in! We’re Ideaventions Academy for Math and Science in Reston, VA.


I’m Dustin Brouse I teach at Williamsport Area Middle School in Williamsport, PA. I am very interested in your food computer. I’m ready and willing to collaborate with you. I think my students and school would benefit from OpenAg.


Interested! Ready to rethink agriculture in The Lone Star State. Furr High School in Houston, TX Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources is willing to commit 100%! We are one of the 18 XQ Super Schools working with MIT to rethink the American high school experience. I am a Lead Teacher in the Ag dept. ready to contribute to teaching and learning through the food computer.


I am a high school science teacher, chemistry, AP environmental science, and Environmental STEM. I also teach in an after school STEM program for middle school students. I’d love to know more and participate.


I am middle school educator in the United States (Delaware) that is interested in bringing Food Computing to classrooms!

Some of my plants in my room are already being grown and shared. The personal food computer was inspiration, but too expensive

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I work with middle schools in Baltimore, MD and am currently advising one food computer project at a local school. I’d love to help design and test ways to bring it to more schools here!



I would like to be apart of the group.


Hi Margaret! Which schools are you working with in Baltimore? I’ve been running a few programs at Green Street Academy and Gwynns Falls Elementary over the last year and a half and would love to meet up, hear about what you’re doing, and see how we can work together!


Hi Melanie!

I worked with Harford Heights this spring and am looking to continue with them next year. I’d be very interested in hearing how things have been going for you and think about how we can work together!

I will email you shortly.

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I would like to be added!


Any plans or need for high school implementation? I’m planning to use this as part of a project in looking at reducing carbon footprint for our small island off the coast of Washington State.

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Like @rheitz, I am also in Reston. I am a 6th grade teacher at Sunrise Valley Elementary School. My students built 4 MVP II personal food computers this year, and I am planning to have them build more next school year. We were able to grow one successful crop before the end of the school year.

. I am eager to get involved in the larger community.


@pchuffer, those are some gorgeous greens! Great to see the MVP being used to teach STEAM in schools. OpenAg is ramping up production of education-specific food computing resources. Stay tuned for more info!

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@openag We are a small STEM school (Grades 6-8) with a focus on project-based/experiential learning. We have been experimenting for the past three years with aquaponics and hydroponics. This year we are designing an aeroponics system (HPA) that can handle multiple growing cycles (larger vegetables, microgreens, and sprouts) in one system. The students are working on building a hybrid system that can switch between aeroponics and hydroponics to prevent crop failures. The problem they are facing is depth of the growing chamber. Their current prototype uses a 5x5 fence post. This is not deep enough for HPA, but going to a 15" is not feasible for their ebb and flow hydroponic. This has lead them to experiment with a drip system and an NFT. We have to fundraise for our supplies as most of my students are here on scholarships. Finding this site will hopefully help us cut down on the number of prototypes.


@revforce There’s been lots of good aeroponic system design discussion here on the forum over the past few years. A good way to get started reading through the old aeroponic threads is to use the forum’s search feature to look for posts by @atom:


Hello all educators!

I am creating a research project at Rutgers University to pilot a curriculum at Newark’s Public High Schools, and I wanted to join this forum in some hope of advice. For those that have successfully been able to introduce a PFC into the classroom, have you guys seen an increase in the academic standing of your students? What have been the educational outcomes in the classroom?

How have you been able to incorporate a PFC into your daytime class lessons?

Thank you all!


We are interested in joining this group. I assist in a middle school in Middletown RI we are partnered with Salve Regina University. Tom kowalczyk



I am a Middle school coding teacher base in New York, I also teach people how to build internet connected plants around the world, this is my next workshop:
I would love to help and share my experience.