Openag_lib.config module not found


On running rosrun openag_brain main -f default, it shows an error that openag_lib.config not found

Openag_brain_docker_rpi Installation help

@Kush If you’re trying to install the PFC v2.1 software, you should know that people have reported recently that the software isn’t working (see Getting the software up and running). Something may have changed since last fall. Also, people who were able to get the software running last year reported a variety of problems with the hardware design.

OpenAg have announced that they are not able to provide support for the PFC v1, v2, or v2.1 designs. If you haven’t read this update from OpenAg, you should read it:
Update from OpenAg - Please Read

If you’re trying to build a PFC v1, v2, or v2.1, my advice is that you could save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration if you stop now because the v1-v2.1 designs aren’t usable for growing food in their current form. If you want to use the designs as inspiration for building your own system, that could work. But, you should be careful to avoid duplicating aspects of the designs that had problems (see If you’re not in a hurry, OpenAg is working on a new set of designs that look interesting. So far, it’s unclear when those will be ready to use. My guess is maybe this fall, or perhaps next year.