OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (alpha) [Documentation Release]


Today, we are releasing the documentation for the OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (alpha), a major upgrade from the OpenAg™ PFC v1.0.

Check it out:
Documentation Wiki:

We’ve established the features that are available on this ‘alpha’ release of OpenAg™ PFC v2.0. We’re refining both the hardware and software (hence, the ‘alpha’ release), and as we move into the beta release phase, the hardware and software will stabilize and you can anticipate fewer changes.

If you’ve built an OpenAg™ PFC v1.0, you’ll be able to upgrade your machine to the OpenAg™ PFC v2.0 software by the end of the year, adding new functionality to your system. We’re also hard-at-work on a few new components that aren’t commercially available yet, so expect to hear more about this research by year’s end, too.

You may notice we’ve added a trademark above. We’re learning from other successful open-source projects like WordPress. As our community grows and ‘food computing’ as a general term takes root, it’s important to create a differentiating mark for our community, our software, and our hardware. The trademark is a next step in our commitment to remain an open-source project, and our commitment to protect our open-source community. We’ll release trademark usage guidelines at the end of this year and welcome input from all the #nerdfarmers out there.

As always, OpenAg is committed to transparency and to empowering our community to co-create novel and open-source food technologies. Tell us what you think. Break it. Hack it. Grow it. Repeat. Have fun!

  • Caleb & OpenAg team

Where are you building your Food Computer?

Cool ! Congrats to the whole team.



Some pics to get people excited…


This is Amazing!!! Thank you so much for your everything that you do. I am very excited for the project. One question, will there be a kit that we can purchase?


This is great work, it looks great! I can’t wait to start working on it. Do you plan to complete a tutorial, or is it sink or swim for Alpha release?


Congratulations! Thanks for this great work! May I come to take a look whenever convenient?


I feel like it’s Christmas morning! All of it looks absolutely incredible.

Huge thank you to the entire team, the documentation looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to get started building.

Peter Webb.


And so it begins…
Thanks for the immense effort that I know this takes!
I expect to be busy building for some time (finances permitting, of course!).

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I am so excited to see the V2 is coming. I have been looking at the Wiki and couldn’t find the assembly manual. Similar to MainFrameAssemblyGuide.pdf for V1. Is it not published yet or I haven’t looked properly?


Maybe I’m hitting the wrong buttons, so curse me if I’m asking stupid questions.

Will there be a version of the BOM with links for reference coming?

When do you reckon to have the Build Guide online?

Amazing job! The pics look amazing. Have been holding back on PFC 1 for this. Looks worthwhile.


Congrats. Let’s experiment.


With respect to all the work. It’s there currently a video or step by step instruction to build the computer. If the 1.0 frame is so similar that I should just build it in part, could someone let me know


+1 on build kit / BOM. I recently saw Caleb speak about the openAg initiative and would like to run a hackathon in NYC at my agency to build the PFC v2.


same question as andy. Will there be a kit for purchase any time soon? thx!


Hi Caleb at al in the OpenAG community…

Thank you and congratulations for the great work on PFC1 and now PFC2. Myself and some colleagues want to help. Our To Do List:

  1. Estimate the cost of PFC2, (need to justify release of funds from others in our organisation);
  2. Build PFC2.
  3. Help OpenAG in any way we can… with bugs, features, documentation, recipes, etc.

We’re stuck at step 1. Excuse me if I’m mistaken but the PFC2 BoM today doesn’t give enough information to estimate prices, buy parts, etc. (However the old PFC1 BoM gives distributors names and descriptions, prices etc. Just what we need.)

Like others, we’ve avoided building PFC1 for some months because we knew PFC2 was imminent. Now we’re biting at the bit to get started on PFC2.

=> When will a PFC2 BoM be available in the same format as PFC1?
=> How different is PFC1 costed BoM from the PFC2?

Apologies for pressuring you, I can imagine it’s really hard to answer these questions when you’re busy creating V2…


Amazing and the pictures look really great ^^

one thing though… there are too many links that made me a bit lost, so first of all what are the hardware that I need to buy ? (since it will take some time for shipping).

I will try to figure out everything else from the wiki but at least knowing the ingredients (hardware) would make the cooking (software) simpler I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot and I hope to have great contribution in the future and help in translating everything to Arabic as well or anything that might bring value to this great community and the people of my city as well <3

Best regards from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ^^


Hi Paul, Tim here from OpenAg. I’ve updated the BOM with more detailed information on components, which you can check out. Sources, costs etc. are in there now. It’s nearly complete, will be updating again mid week :slight_smile:


Tim you’re a star, thanks! I’ve begun looking for U.K. sourced variants. Nice to see some parts reduced in price. Cheers…