OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (alpha) [Documentation Release]


Hi Paul, Tim here from OpenAg. I’ve updated the BOM with more detailed information on components, which you can check out. Sources, costs etc. are in there now. It’s nearly complete, will be updating again mid week :slight_smile:


Tim you’re a star, thanks! I’ve begun looking for U.K. sourced variants. Nice to see some parts reduced in price. Cheers…


Great! Thanks for updating the BOM.

Now I can start buying parts for my PFC2 :slight_smile:


HI Tim,
Where can I find this updated BOM ? Thanks in advance…



Thanks @oliver :+1: I was still looking at the BOM in the Github… that’s why I couldn’t find it.

Calling all Educators! Who's using Food Computers in schools?
Calling all Educators! Who's using Food Computers in schools?

Hi all!
Hildreth from OpenAg here. It’s great to hear you guys are as excited as we are to get the v2.0 up and running! A few more words on the latest release…

Getting Started
For both young padawan and ninja #nerdfarmers alike, @tim swears the best way to behold the v2.0 in all its alpha glory is to open up the v2.0 CAD 3D model/files and the v2.0 (alpha) BOM together. Yes! The v2.0 BOM is in our very-updated OpenAg Wiki.

Build Video
Like @Caleb mentioned, the alpha release is a snapshot of the updated v2.0 PFC features, and we’re working hard to stabilize the hardware and software so you can expect fewer changes with v2.0 PFC beta. We’re putting together a build video for the v2.0 PFC beta and we’ll have that up before the end of this year.

Build Manual
The v2.0 absolutely needs a complete build manual. This is where #nerdfarmers come in! OpenAg needs your suggestions, questions, critiques, and expertise in the v2.0 documentation. If you’re keen to share as you build, want to help others get started, or have questions, feel free to create an account and stub out pages on the OpenAg Wiki:

Like all wikis, ours is a living doc…some “in process”-ness is okay! Bear with us as we work out the kinks for organizing contributions. If you have wiki account signup problems, send a message to @gordonb & he’ll get you sorted (thanks gordon!).

I hope this helps - high-fives from all of us at OpenAg!

Cost for Building a PFC

Hello, everyone! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the V2 Food Computer last week while I was visiting the MIT Media Lab.

Here is a link to some more pictures of the V2 build, if any of you have any questions regarding them I can do my best to answer or find someone who can. I hope these prove useful to you.

Thank You,
Peter Webb.


Hi from SF!

We’ve started to look through the hardware documentation and there are some people who are interested in helping out with the build manual. Before we get started and so we don’t do the same work twice, I have a few questions:



Hi @hildreth,
As I mentioned during the PFC V1 phase, it would be very helpfull if you could disclose (some ?) design decisions (alterations) that were made to enable me to better understand why you have chosen specific components. For example: why did you change to GE led’s instead of the Erligpowht ? (I have many more questions like these…)
As a builder I have to decide whether I follow exactly your BOM and buidling instructions or that I make adjustments (maybe based on my phyisical location/ availability of hardware, etc). In order to make the right decision it would be very helpful to understand WHY OpenAg has opted for the hardware in the BOM.
I guess, as this is an OpenSource project it would benefit all of us and increase (and widen !) the design progress of the PFC.
@Caleb mentioned that he would look at this and try to incorporate this at V2… can we expect anything on this matter soon ? Thank you !!


I second this and have been studying v2.0 (alpha). I would be willing to contribute to documentation and tutorials as I make progress on my build.

@adrianlu: I am a Sacramento resident and could easily get to SF if you ever hear of any or start a FoodComputer meetup.


Cool. I’ve got a group meeting twice a month since ~August. Send me a DM and I’ll send you the details.


I had the exact same thought, need a kit to make this more accessible to ppl like me who wanna try, but need something they could assemble, rather than a full on make


Thanks Peter. I’m trying to make a list of hardware to purchase from aliexpress because it suits me locally better. Therefore, any input is very helpful.
One of the pictures displays OpenAg Signal PCB v1.0. Where could I order it?

Any idea which components to use for following parts from the BOM list:

  1. 91 24v-ps-RSP-320-24 Fake - Replace This Part 1 Mouser Mean Well SPV-300-24 24V 12.5A power supply

  2. 81 signal-board PFC2-PCB-0001 1 *

  3. 84 power-board PFC2-PCB-0002 1 *

Perhaps, having more pictures would help me to build PFC2.



Did you see the other pictures I posted as well?

It appears from pictures that this is the power supply part from Mouser:

As for the custom boards, I don’t know the answer. Perhaps @tim might have the answer?



According to the BOM, the power supply is fake and should be replaced. I guess this power is for lights. Therefore, the power should be 12VDC because lights have 12V. I’ve found some replacement for it, as long as the power is for lights.


You are correct in that the lights are 12V DC. This power supply is not for the lights though. I think the goal was to run it all 12V DC, but the custom cooling module they built runs on 24V DC instead.

I agree the power supply listed on the BOM is incorrect. the one I posted though is the same one that was on the V2 unit as of 2 weeks ago. It is currently being used to just drive the custom water cooling module that regulates temperature.



Hi Hildreth,
any update on build video?


Same doubts here… these PCB are custom made, right?

I’m stuck too with the led lights… no way to find the GE ones (at least in Europe/spain) I’m searching at aliexpress for some homologous ones.

@Alex Could you share the parts you are going to order?


Build video has been shot and is in editing! Also as far as hard to get components I know the startup is starting to stock pile parts for PFC 2.0 builds - maybe you could order from them? just an idea…