OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (alpha) [Documentation Release]


Thanks @Bkirkland I had been thinking about kick starter for the foundation as a matter of fact. Do you have experiance with kickstarter campaigns?


I have a good amount of experience from the perspective of a follower and backer. I’m familiar with the format and the expectation of content.

If you’re interested in researching it, I believe they have an all-time ranking of the most successful campaigns on the Kickstarter website.

A recent successful project that also participated in the equity funding test is a game from Austin called Crowfall. I might be able to get contact info for their producer.


For Great Kickstarter references, check out Tim Ferris’ resources at: Also, Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler’s book “BOLD” has AMAZING crowdfunding information as well. Cant recommend it enough…


@Connor, openagriculturesupply is downtown Sac, I’m in Natomas. Is OpenAg already mapping our activity/interest? … maybe on a page I missed?


i hope you guys could reduce the BOM costs


Hi @LoneStarNot, there is a thread where users can share information on where they are building PFCs -
Where are you building your Food Computer?. We also added User Fields to the registration and user profile pages where you can optionally share information about where you are located and what your interest is in food computing. Hope this helps!