OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (beta) [Documentation Release]


Great information. Thank you!


Yay! Let’s take a look. Thank you so much!


Thanks OpenAg team and Jake this is great :slight_smile: Loooking forward to starting by the end of the month!!!


@jake I have now checked the BOM Master and the prices of the components are no longer shown. Any way we could get ahold of these?


Great job keeping the community informed so we can keep up, it makes it much easier to be patient seeing weekly progress and makes this whole process very exciting!

@andy I know that they plan to release a kit shortly, I’m not sure how quickly it will be available for sale, but I do know they plan to sell kits.


V2.0.0-beta.2 has been released!

Check it out here:

Added a lot more documentation. Should be enough to start from scratch and build out the entire device.

As always, feedback and all other forms of contributions to this project are welcomed and encouraged!

Here is a summary of the documentation:

  • Instructions: How to get started building a PFC2
  • Bill of Materials / Ordering BOM: For all the components needed to build the PFC2
  • Bill of Materials / Kit BOM: For all components that are required for following along with the instructions
  • Bill of Materials / (Sub-BOM’s): Detailed view of component “packs”
  • Solidworks CAD Model: Comprehensive view of where parts belong in the computer
  • Drawings: Documentation for machining parts, or sending to contract machinist
  • DXF Files: File format used for laser cutting parts
  • Wire Harnesses: Bill of Materials & Instructions for creating the wire harnesses
  • Wiring Reference: Reference when wiring up the device
  • Connectorization: Bill of Materials & Instructions for connectorizing parts

With reference to cost, all links of the components have been included!

With reference to kits, they are in the works!

Furthermore, the footage for the build video has been shot! Post-processing will take roughly 1-2 weeks. Can’t wait to share it out!!

Jake & OpenAg Team

PFC 2.0 Beta Materials Cost: $2914

More pics! More pics! More pics!


Can’t find the instructions. Can you tell us what folder this is in and what file format I’m looking for pdf doc etc?



The instructions are in the .zip file download, along with the BOM and CAD files. You can also view the instructions online here


this is amazing. Thank you so much. I am beginning to purchase the component slowly one by one.


Got’em Thanks!!! I didn’t know what folder to check but I found it. This is great. We’re going to be building a larger version of this and try to scale up as large as we can.

Thanks again!!!


Hi there - the excel sheet in the zip file on github only has one tab ‘Ordering BOM’ not two as listed in step one of the instructions. Please advise - thanks!


I reached out to the Transition team for Nation of Makers (non-profit that has Adam Savage as a board member) asking them to drop by and participate in the forums and help our community members. After contacting them I realized that Kipp, the guy making the chiller unit for the PFC V2 is ON the transition team for NOM.



hi,I want some information about the Personal Food Computer, I want to know how it works and the principle of machine work.Where can I find this information?


@Forever The information on how it’s built and what’s included is above. If you’re looking for a general overview. I suggest reading the wiki or watching the TED Talk. I’ll link them below.


Thanks,but I want some detail,such as “What is the function of the bottle in the machine?‘’ ,“How to provide nutrients to plants”.
Or some details after the completion of the photo.:slight_smile:


@Forever - I’m working on a user-friendly guide to the PFC v2 and all of its components. It was originally meant for educators and students, but you may find it handy. I’ll post a link once I finish. If there is anything else you are looking for but can’t seem to find on the wiki or GitHub, give me a holler.



Thank you very much.I am a high student.
Hope to add some pictures of the finished product to the guide.
When you’re done, please give me a holler.:grinning:


Has anyone suggested simulating wind conditions? Maybe shaking based on a wind profile that includes things like duration and intensity would produce the desired effects. I recently read that an industry veteran in hydroponics (Christian?) still thought that LED grown plants were sickly compared to natural light grown ones. It lead me to wonder if the wind adds to the overall health of the plant and if we’re looking in the wrong direction when we blame the lighting.

Thanks for the hard work!


I think there is a part missing from the BOM—there are lines for the pH/EC probes themselves and the EZO circuits but reading the EZO circuit documentation some kind of EZO carrier board (and plug in which to plug in the probes) is also necessary. I assume it’s this!/Electrically-Isolated-EZO™-Carrier-Board-ISCCB/p/70295131 ? apologies if I missed it on the BOM, but I don’t think it’s there. @jake @gordonb @tim