OpenAg™ PFC v2.1 & openag_brain v1.0.0 Release


The Personal Food Computer (PFC) 2.1 release is the evolution of the PFC 2.0. It is a combination of a new light panel and updated software.

The LED light panel was custom made by Tim (one of our awesome OpenAg engineers) and uses red/white/blue GE LED’s that are 2x more powerful. (OpenAg realizes getting the same LED’s they use is not easy and most users have hacked their PFC’s to use an off the shelf grow light panel. OpenAg is working on finding a light and supplier that fits their requirements and can be purchased online as a single unit.)

The updated software is the latest release of the openag_brain v1.0.0. It has several updates and many bug fixes.

We have done a test grow of basil using the PFC v2.1. Here is the test grow log with notes, problems, pictures and results.

If you have read this far and followed the test grow link, you will know that the PFC v2.1 is still very much a hands-on maker device. It is not a “plug in and forget” consumer appliance.

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Dear rbaynes
I want to tell you what I did, may be it is because I am not good programmer just playing with soldering Iron and typing on screen.

Many solution can found on this forum.:heart_eyes:
My work out may also help others with similar difficulties .

form your rpisetup

I had done

sudo apt-get install couchdb

before go to step 28 and using Node.js 8: (may be not necessary)


rosrun openag_brain main --screen personal_food_computer_v2.lanuch
Ctrl-C to exit

sudo service openag_brain start

rosrun openag_brain main --screen personal_food_computer_v2.lanuch

to keep it running
my cam is not as yours ,need to do something as below

41/61 of

up to that I can seeing it is running.
And can go to add RECIPE on thru Webpage.



New git come with new installation steps. It come with new release at the same time.

I should use “./scripts/developer_setup” .