OpenAG Signal Board V1.1 Bare PCBs Available


Hello Open Agriculture Community!

We could not be more excited to be building two of our first Version 2 Food Computers and purchased extra blank PCBs along with ours. We have them for sale to other hobbyists in the community on our website at: Open Agriculture Supply, Supplies and Components for MiT Open Agriculture Food Computers

Happy growing!

The Open Agriculture Supply Team


Do you plan to ship to India ? We are desperately looking for getting Signal Board as we are not finding any viable alternative to print our own signal board from local manufacturers.


Thank you very much for your interest! We just updated our website to allow for shipment to India via USPS International Flat Rate.


Why don’t you offer pre-assembled boards to order? I desperately need the signal board. Unfortunately, I can’t assemble it by myself.


Thank you again for your interest. We are working hard to offer pre-assembled boards to order. Our first few prototypes are being made as we speak, once we are sure they are tested and ready to go we will be able to offer them for sale.