OpenAg UDG-GDL Collaboration


Hello, I’m Victor M. LARIOS representing the Team of professors and postgraduate students at the University of Guadalajara looking to contribute to this project. As proposed in the meeting on Monday 9th January at MIT Media Lab, please let me share with you, our presentations slides.

UDG-GDL Collaboration Proposal OpenAg

Our next interaction, we will open a thread for each possible contribution to OpenAg to start interactions and accelerate contributions with tangible results as proposed.

Best regards!


Hi Victor , i´m also from Guadalagara, im organizing a hackaton (24 -25 feb 2018) at ITESO (Its open to all people) and we are looking to use and contribute to OpenAg in our challenges. We would like to colaborate with you.
This is my mail and whatsapp 3317856700


@vmlarios The link you provided is broken, could you please provide another?