OpenAg UI, cant connet to server



Hello Gordon, i am trying to load the OpenAg UI to my raspebrrypi and keep on getting an error “cannot connect to server”.

I am able to connect to couchDB, any insight on this?

[Help] Unable to Connect to UI

The UI recently changed deploy approaches to allow us to host it on the Food Computer. This will mean that in future, you’ll be able to visit the IP address of the Food Computer (or http://raspberrypi.local) and get the UI directly. It also makes the UI faster (since it’s a local http roundtrip) and avoids problems with cross-site scripting.

We’re still trying to figure out the best automatic deploy strategy. For now, you can do one of 2 things:

  1. grunt deploy --app_db_url="http://someipaddress:5984/app" to deploy the app to Couch
  2. or you can modify the openag-config.json file to point root to to your food computer’s IP, then npm build the result.

This should all be written up and soon a less annoying install process will be in place.


I tried #1 and this the response I get when I go to the URL

I retried and realized that I had qoutation marks around the IP address. This is what I get when running the command.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ grunt deploy --app_db_url=http:/
-bash: grunt: command not found


@Motty, Have you installed grunt with npm? Have you installed npm and node.js?

@spaghet and I have been experimenting with the UI, and we both posted notes about it today over at Actuation using software_modules. My gist that I linked to in that thread describes how I installed node, npm, and grunt–there’s a trick to it.


@wsnook looks like the image was curuupted, I reformatted the sd card, reinstalled and “caboom!” It’s working!

Now comes phase 2.

Getting my ph/temp/conductivity sensors installed!

I’m currently growing strawberries in a DWC, I’ll start with the water than go from there.

I’ll keep the #OpenAg Farmers posted with findings!