Hey guys, I am building my own version of the PFC 2.0 from scratch with the Raspberry Pi 3b+. And ofcourse, to control the air temperature we need a chiller unit. I got to know that the Chiller unit for the PFC 2.0 was a product of kipkitts. So I got in touch with Kipp Bradford the president of the company, who quoted 800 for it. Since it was too expensive for a college student like me, he was kind enough to connect me to a supplier in China, which manufactured the chiller unit for a lesser price such as 600. But recently I came across a post on github by a Mr Rob Baynes who is one of the team members in OpenAg, saying that parts required for a chiller unit are:-

  • Temperature Control Assembly: Heating element, fan, and PC water cooling radiator.
  • Chiller Assembly: Fan, mounting plate, and PC water cooling chiller.
    Can I please get in touch with an expert, I just want to talk to him more about this. Because if a chiller unit can be constructed with the above, price can work out better for us.