Our PFC v2.0. Brain / Is there a Brain System Diagram out there?


We of @ATBFarms are totally excited about the progress of our PFC v.2.0 Brain-build (photo below). We are collaborating with OSU (Oregon State University) engineering students, and we’ve also had a lot of support from our strategic partners at E-Space Labs here in Bend, Oregon.

What our engineering team and I have concluded about the Brain build is that there’s a major gap in terms of Brain system / wiring diagrams or schematics in the building documentation for the Brain. We are talking about perhaps creating a system diagram of our own with Autodesk, yet that will take some time to complete because we’re so busy with everything else going on. The engineers on our team are getting the Brain built, yet I’ve listened to one of them express some frustration with the current wiring documentation & lack of standard engineering diagrams. The Excel spreadsheets provided for the wiring on Github simply need to be revised or replaced. The photos and enumerated steps for building the Brain are good, yet digital photos and text are insufficient for our engineers to be efficient with the build. It would be great to connect with a PFC v.2.0 builder who may be able to contribute any ideas or collaborative solutions for procuring a Brain System Diagram.


Hi ATBFarms
We are a group of engineers, architects, chemists and plant ecologists struggling with the exact same problem - a wiring diagram. Most of us are students at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
Did you get any further with a diagram - things can sure be improved - lets do that together.

All the best DTUSkylab PFC-team


Dear, yours may found more information about outputs from Arduino

about 16-way relays board connection

The codes are for quick testing. I were use a PC to compile the codes and sent to Arduino Mega 2560 to turn on the relay one by one.


Hello @Papepop,
I greatly appreciate your reply to this post. Currently, the ESE (Energy Systems Engineering) students who are working with our PFC have not had any time to begin a complete wiring diagram for the Brain. As seen on the OpenAg forum, it appears that @adrianlu has begun to develop a wiring schematic for the PFC v.2.0, and it would be great to see if he may be able to assist.

I had hoped that we might be ale to get a wiring diagram started using Autodesk, but we simply haven’t begun as of late. It’s a task that requires quite a bit of time and experience to undertake, and we’ve been so busy just trying to address getting the UI to interface with a few of the design mods that we’ve made.

It would be great to make the time to eventually get a Brain wiring diagram at least started, and time is something that we just don’t have at the moment. It would be great to see what you guys have in mind in terms of making a beginning, and I’m sure we could benefit from any assistance from anyone else who might be able to help out.

I look forward to being in touch!

Best regards,

The ATBFarms Team


Hi all,

In the coming weeks, my team is going to start testing the Brain software against our wiring to confirm the wiring is correct.

Our power wiring is as it is shown on the white board of the post that @ATBFarms linked. I don’t have plans to put the wiring in CAD at the moment. Perhaps someone else in the community can pick up the baton?

If after reviewing it you guys have any questions feel free to email me - adrian [at] urbanagtech [dot] com. It might be easiest if we set up a video call and I show you what we have so far. Let me know.