Partial Relay Failures


Hey guys!
We’ve had our FC running for almost three weeks now, and we’ve reached a key question- hardware failures.
In our experience, we suspect that a relay (namely #3 used on the AC relay board) has gone dead, due to its irresponsiveness. Has anybody else experienced partial failures in the relay boards like this? Any response would be appreciated.

Good luck with all of your seeds :smile:


If you tap the relay with something does it click over? Does the status LED still work? I experienced an issue right off the bat with my relays not switching over. What I did to remedy this was change the ground that the relay blocked uses from the Arduino to the 12v power supply ground. TLDR; try changing the ground that the block uses to the ground on the power supply.


Status LEDS still working, turns out its functioning correctly :confused: Grounded the control pin and it turned over correctly, so the signal must not be making it out of the microcontroller and down the wire. Time to break out the multimeter :laughing: