Peter Webb Backround & AMA


Hello, I don’t mean this as a place to brag, but I do want to make an effort to consolidate some of the questions I get asked privately and provide some background and context.

I have met people on these forums who have really influenced the speed at which I could learn which has led to me having a career in something I am extremely passionate about and for that I am very thankful. One example of this was on Caleb’s AMA nearly two years ago: Perpetual AMA for Caleb

You should build an MVP for $300 and start growing salads in your bedroom, because plants are awesome: $300 Food Computer - MVP

Here is a list of other threads I’ve created, if you have questions pertaining to those topics, please post on those threads:

I work as a Business Development Analyst for Hussmann (Panasonic Subsidiary) specializing in product development for merchandising live produce.

I am CEO & Co-Founder of MARSfarm creating STEM curriculum kits for students to collect data in an effort to identify potential crops for production in space:

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn:

I encourage everyone to feel free to ask me questions related to Indoor Farming Industry, DIY Open-Source Farming, Ag-Tech, etc. I can’t promise I’ll know the right answer, but I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction and if nothing else can give you my opinion. Go ahead, ask me anything!


Cool article I figured I’d share with shout-outs to OpenAg/MVP/MARSfarm and some really good writing by Nate Johnson. Overall it’s a solid overview of Vertical Farmings potential role in agriculture as well as how food computers can contribute to the industry in a tangible way: