PFC 2.0 Beta Materials Cost: $2914


For anyone looking at building the new PFC 2.0 Beta, the total cost of every item in the new BOM is $2914.38.

Some important notes and disclaimers:

  • This assumes a lot of overbuying, like 100 packs of screws when you only need 3 or 100’ roll of cable to get a few inches. This accounts for about $200 of the price.
  • This includes a 12-pack of foam plant rafts from Amazon for $222 which is way more than you’d need to spend.
  • This does not yet include the OpenAg Signal Board or the LEDs.
  • This doesn’t include taxes or shipping (though a lot of the Amazon stuff is Prime so includes free shipping).
  • I just priced everything as listed and did no price shopping.

The most expensive items are:

  • $222 for the raft
  • $90 for 5 Peristaltic Pumps
  • $198 for two cameras
  • $126 for the conductivity probe
  • $72 for the pH probe
  • $125 for 4 sheets of acrylic
  • $104 for 100’ each of 4-con and 3-con multiconductor cable
  • $84 of aluminum frame
  • $89 for 4 colors of the 16 AWG cable

Here’s the full BOM with pricing. Let me know if you find mistakes and I can update – it was a lot of copying and pasting so I’m sure there are numerous errors.

Which BOM Spreadsheet to follow?
OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.0 (beta) [Documentation Release]
Finished PFC 2.0 beta build!
Growing food: I just ordered a MicroGrow Kit from Hamama

Hey there - really excited to continue to acquire the parts to start building the PFC 2.0. I’ve gone through the BOM Master and there is no Kit Stage 1 BOM Tab referenced in Step 1 of the instructions:

“Check that your kit has all the proper frame bars & connectors. In BOM-Master, See the STR-BAR-PCK-0001 & “Kit Stage 1 BOM” tab for a list of bars, and connectors. (STR-CON-0001, STR-CON-0002, STR-CON-0003)?”

There are no STR-BAR part numbers in the main sheet.

Please advise - thanks!




If you look in the full BOM, the first tab gives all the parts if you want to build from scratch (“Ordering BOM”), and the second tab gives all the parts if you’re building from an OpenAg provided kit (“Kit BOM”) which I believe is not yet available. The instructions assume you have the kit.

So, I believe you have two options: you can wait for the kit, or build from scratch. If you build from scratch, you’re going to use the aluminum frame tubes (STR-RAW-0001) to mill STR-BAR-0001 through STR-BAR-0010 using the drawings provided. All the pieces that need to be actually fabricated from raw are listed in the last tab of the BOM (“Raw Materials”) along with the raw piece ID, the fabricated piece ID, and the suggested tools.


BOM-Master has only one tab ‘Ordering BOM’. I also tried the link in your original pricing email above which links to a Google Sheet version. Same - only one tab.

Also any ballpark timing on the kit? If it will be a bit, may just try to see if I can get them milled.

Thanks again,



Hey Mark - the full Excel file containing all the different sheets is in the release zip file. No idea on the kit timing - you’d have to ask the MIT team.


I wonder if having a kit created and sold through a crowdfunding page would expedite the food computer recipe book?


One of the goals of the PFC 2.0 was to make it more ‘kit friendly’, for the sake of expense (all materials are bought at retail at this point but a kit would change that), so it is possible that an official kit is in the future…


:dollar: Now I just need to cost of a food server!


it’s really expensive. I am in china. And i am trying some cheaper solution. Such as, i will use plastic instead of acrylic.