Help me!

Hi, I’m a high school student in Massachusetts, and our school received money to build a PFC.

We ordered the parts for a PFC 2.0 from the BOM_Master (Ordering BOM), but looking at the instructions, I also need kits? Where do I get these kits?

From @dlerman around two years ago, he suggested that one would have to either wait for the kit or build from scratch. If this is the case, and I already bought the Ordering BOM materials, will I now have to build this from scratch? How? The schematics/CAD drawings don’t seem to provide enough information alone to build this. The build video would assume I used the instructions that requires a kit.

Please help!



Sorry to bring you bad news, but you’re probably going to have a very difficult time getting a PFC 2.0 up and running. If you haven’t already seen these threads, I recommend that you read them:

The bottom line is that the PFC 2.x designs are no longer supported and people have reported many problems getting them up and running.

But, you still have options. Many schools have been building the MVP design or extending it with their own modifications. Also, the OpenAg team at MIT recently released their new PFC v3.0 and they’re running a pilot program with schools. I don’t know if it’s possible for more schools to join now. Perhaps @hildreth can tell you more.

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