PFC 2.0 Documentation Help


This is my first post here on OpenAg. I work at San Andreas High School in Southern California, Highland with a Hydroponic/CEA agriculture program. A colleague and I have been working on building out our Version 2 PFC and have encountered some issues along the way (its been a blast trying to solve them) but we’ve recently hit a wall. I know that supportive services for the PFC 2.0 have been discontinued since the newest version came out but I wanted to post on the forum and see if anyone has any of the documentation were looking for.

My colleague provided me with a list of documentation he is looking for.

  1. Schematics
  2. Operations Description
  3. Block Diagram
  4. Layout diagram of BOM list (This connects to this*)
  5. Functional/system Description

We have a solution to finalize everything and fire it up but we are worried that there is a high potential of burning something out and complicating the purchasing process through the district which can take forever to submit, clear and get purchased. I know there is some documentation on Github but unfortunately the depth of documentation isn’t enough for us to proceed. Again I know that V2.0 supportive services have stopped but if there is any documentation leftover since support stopped it would be of great help.