PFC 3.0 BOM not complete? (according to Eagle file)


Hi all, were just getting started trying to wrap our heads around the PFC 3.0 electrical plans, and have been diving into the Eagle files in the pfc_edu/4.0 directory. We’ve noticed that there are a ton more components listed in the Eagle file vs the included BOM. Is the BOM incomplete, or are we missing something? We want to make sure we order everything correctly for assembly.

Has anyone else run into this? Happy to supply more specifics if that’s helpful. Thanks in advance!

David + team Method


Have you already seen these two threads with some older discussion on BOM issues?

  1. "Brain" openag-device-software Q&A for PFC 3.0
  2. Manufacturing Q&A for PFC 3.0

It doesn’t look like those conversations reached much of a conclusion, but you might still find useful information there.


Thanks so much for the links. Yes, looks like this is an open issue as of now. We’ll see what we can do on our end to solve this, but it would be great if anyone at OpenAg knows anything about the undocumented parts.


@Adrian the 4.0 is still very much a work in progress on our end. It is just a design and we haven’t made a board for it yet. We share most of our work with the public as we are doing it, and things change very quickly in the research / R&D world. So caveat emptor with the latest version of anything we do :slight_smile:

The current units we are testing / have made are the 3.0 version.