PFC Alexa skill for Amazon Echo Show


I’ve updated my PFC Alexa skill to work with the Echo Show! Just say “Alexa, ask food computer to show top camera” and the latest aerial camera image is pulled from my PFC’s CouchDB and displayed on my Echo Show’s display. Pretty cool. See for details.


That’s great! I really believe that the camera is one of the most powerful “sensors”.

Would it be possible to have the video feed stream to a TV via something like a chromecast?

“Alexa, show my herbs on the living room TV”


Hey Adam, let me look into that. Its probably possible with the Amazon FireTV devices. Stay tuned.


wow that is great, pls share the whole video


Hey, here are some videos:


The Food Computer Alexa skill is now in beta test! Please send me an e-mail to be a part of the beta and you’ll be able to use the skill to interact with my food computer on your Echo devices. Any feedback is welcome.