PFC Monitoring + Notifications


Hello OpenAg community,
Pardon the self-indulgent post. I’ve been working on a hydroponic monitoring service and I wanted to offer up what I have built to the community. It’s called

Steward AI collects the images you take with your PFC camera, makes them available online, and sends you a notification when it detects downy mildew or nutrient burn.

I am working with a couple hydroponic farms in my area to augment hydro farms with IoT tech, but I know there are people in this community who already have all the technology needed for this. If you are looking for a place to store those images and would find heat stress notifications useful, I would appreciate your feedback in our beta program as well.

I know there have been posts about similar services and projects. My focus is really on simplicity. I designed it to be hardware agnostic; you only need to HTTP POST your image with user credentials to get it on the site. Also, the website is free to use (I am charging farmers for hardware + setup). If the code ends up being useful, I will open source it (at this point, it is a basic django site).

I have a LONG list of features I want to add but I would really like to hear from you guys what you would want from a service like this.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for all the feedback!


Nice. That looks really interesting.