PFC2: Help with cad drawing for Brain Mainfold Panel


I’m trying to build a PDF2, and it’s coming along.
I live a bit remote in Faro Island (population 50.000), so I only found one company having a laser-cutter, and he won’t accept a CAD drawing for the cutting of Brain Mainfold Panel, he wants a pdf with messurements. So I tried converting it to PDF with listed messurements, but no luck, I’m using edrawing and Nova8 pdf converter.
Does anyone have a pdf file for the brain mainfold panel?


Hello! If you send us an email at with your contact information we will gladly send you the .dxf file for the brain manifold. We don’t have a detailed .pdf drawing, but the laser cutter will likely be able to use this .dxf file directly to cut the parts.


Hi, send me your CAD file and I’ll see if I can convert it to PDF. My email: