PFC2 mounting openag shield on Arduino mega


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I’m having issues mounting the openag board on the Arduino mega, it’s driving me crazy. I have checked many times, but the board is still off with 8 mm. I can’t find a guide, so it must be straight forward. But not for me… I’m following the guide for the brain modul and is about to mount the OpenAg signal board onto my Arduino mega.
Se photo 1:

Im starting with male-male as shown on

and then adding the signal board as shown here:

But then when adding the rest of the male-female plugs, its like they are off by 8 mm and won’t fit into the Arduino ports. As shown here:

and here:

Is it that the numbers on ports dosn’t have to fit… if that is the case I can get it to fit?


The female headers that go on top of the shield do not connect to the Arduino. The idea is to put male headers on the bottom of the shield that then connect to the Arduino. There are two rows of pins along both long edges of the shield. One row of pins is for the female top side headers. The other row of pins is for the male underside headers that connect to the Arduino. I will try to send pictures on my lunch hour. The female headers that you picture above are the wrong part. They have long leads. You can use them but you will have to snip the leads after you solder them on. You do need to get the male headers. I don’t see them in your picture. Nice clean bench BTW love it!


The picture below shows how I soldered the Ardunio connecting headers to my shield board:


And here is a picture of my finished board. Hope this helps. BTW: Please make sure your Arduino will fit ALL connector pins before you solder. I’ve posted pictures here as a guide but line everything up on your own before you solder your stuff.



Thank you,
So much for sharing.
I can get to where you are, but the pin numbers on the Arduino and shield dosn’t match… hope It won’t be a issue…


Curiosity, where did you source your PCB from?

Perhaps @iancollmceachern knows more on this topic (I’m an electrical noob).


:slight_smile: That’s a funny story, we bought it at the they don’t ship to Faro Island, So I had to use a service called they ship to Denmark, so we had to pay Danish taxes there and shipping… From there it was shipped to Faro Island using a friend… so we had to pay taxes one more time, so It took forever to get it and we payed like twice the price on So really hoping it will work… :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

Because I didn’t know any better, we have been including the standard Arduino headers with our PCBAs. As @ferguman noted we snipped the leads to length after soldering ours in place. I have been meaning to do a video of the final assembly of the PCBA and have a board I need to put together so I hope to be able to get to this soon. In the meantime we are happy to provide the needed male headers to any of our customers whom have previously purchased boards from us and cover shipping (yes, even to the Faro islands!).

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Thank you so much,
Could you provide a picture of the headers that you think I’m missing?
A video or some pictures would be a huge help in the build…

Thank you…
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