Ph Up/Down peristaltic pumps check


I can’t seem to be able to test these two pumps no matter what recipe I use. Nothing happens when I run the ph test recipes either, so what am I doing wrong?
How did you guys test these two pumps?



I know of three ways to test the pumps.

  1. Use Rob’s python test code:

Rob’s instructions:

Here is how I manually test the arduino + relay board (and sensors &
open a terminal and start an interactive python shell, then run this to
read from the serial port and display:
import serial
con = serial.Serial(’/dev/ttyACM0’,115200)
while True:

open a second terminal and start another interactive python shell, then
run this to write to the serial port. This just turns the blue LEDs on, if
everything is wired like the PFC 2.1.
import serial
con = serial.Serial(’/dev/ttyACM0’,115200)

  1. Use custom Arduino test code developed by the OpenAg team:
  1. Use a version of the OpenAg Arduino code with an embedded serial monitor. I forked the OpenaAg code and developed a demonstration of this. At least one other person on this forum has done something similar.