Plant Growing Conditions/Recipes



I’m new here, but very excited about this initiative!!! Would love to contribute how I can, moving forward :slight_smile:

Can anyone point me to the database growing information (recipes?) for nutrients, lighting etc., for different plants during their growth lifecycle? I want to identify a set of plants to work with, first.



@qultiv8 There is no such database. From what I see, one of the main goals of the OpenAg project is that people using food computers test a lot of recipes for different plants and share with others. But since there aren’t a lot of them built yet, we have to search for this information on the internet.

One example for lettuce that I’m using is this article from Cornell University:
But for other plants you will have to search yourself.

It would be nice if other people could also post the recipes they are using, so it would be easier for everybody to find alternatives.


Testing is great and we will do it, but shouldn’t there be a starting point. Not that it does not exist. may be just is a place we have not aware of ? This would be a very valuable piece of information to complete the project