Please inquire about electronic configuration



I`m Daniel.

I`m Korean.

I am interested in OpenAg.

I understood that arduino controls the sensor, and the raspberry pie controls the whole system.

Is that right?

Thank you.


Hi @daniel,

Approximately speaking, yes, that’s right.

In the Personal Food Computer version 2 design, there are sensors and relays (actuators) connected to the Arduino, and the Arduino is connected to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi runs software called ROS (Robot Operating System) that reads sensor data from the Arduino and sends instructions back to the actuators.

For example, if the air temperature sensor says it’s getting too hot, ROS can tell the Arduino to activate the actuators for the air chiller and fans to reduce the air temperature.

It’s complicated, but the best way to start understanding how the system works is by reading the code at


It is long and slow, digging through all the documentation, but it is worth time going through the Wiki.
This page shows the relationship between Adruino, Pi and the software.



Thank you for your help.

I do not use Amazon well. (Commission, delivery)
So I am going to change to materials that I can buy in Korea.
This is possible because I am an electronic engineer.

My problem is that I can not modify the software code.
The software must be matched to the changed electronics.

But I can upload the finished software source code,
I can not modify it,

I need the help of the overall software.

Please let me know how to get help.


Are you saying that you’re not willing or able to try modifying the software on your own? If that’s what you mean, then I think you will have a difficult time.

If you use hardware components that are only available in Korea, people from other countries who don’t have that hardware will have a hard time giving you advice. Perhaps you could find a software person in Korea who wants to partner with you.